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Earth Changes

According to the Hopi, we are entering the "fifth world." There have been at least four previous worlds (and I suspect many more), all ending in various cataclysms. The fourth world is dying as we speak. It represents the pinnacle of third-dimensional ego-based power-driven competitive masculine archetypes, characterized by a ruling elite, called the “Illuminati”, which means “illumined ones.” The original illumined elite became corrupted by identification with the material world and hence, fell in vibration to its present sorry state. See Illuminati and the Dark Forces.

My predictions have been very consistent over the past 25 years. The 80-20-0.1 ratio outlined below hasn’t changed significantly during that time.

I get these numbers from my soul or higher self. They are apparently based on the soul's projection of the current states of awareness (and the anticipated raising of awareness) of the populace.

In Life On the Cutting Edge, an entire chapter is devoted to the various scenarios that mark the closing of the Great Cycle, as spoken of in Jose Arguelles’ books and the work of David Wilcock in his Convergence series.

The Hopi Prophecy depicts a descending spiral (3D), a shining sun (4D) and a stairway to heaven (5D). Below I offer a description of these three paths.

3D scenario--The descending spiral on the Hopi petroglyph refers to those souls who steadfastly refuse to raise their vibrations out of third density or who allow themselves to be misled down an ego-based path by the ruling elite and the entertainment/media complex, among other “false prophets.” The most likely scenario to unfold over the next two decades involves the majority of present-day humans exiting the earth plane through death by various means--immune system failure or exotic diseases, war, famine, etc. The process will likely be complete by 2030. The dates of major cataclysmic events will likely be 2007, 2012, 2017 and 2030. The latest information suggests the following cataclysms:

2007 – Economic collapse brought about by high energy prices and inflated currency, causing widespread war and famine.

2012 – Earth enters into electromagnetic null zone, signifying the end of the Great Cycle, causing mutation in humans.

2017 – Comet brush-by (the false Wormwood) causing severe mutation in humans.

2030 – Asteroid brush-by (the true Wormwood or Planet X) causing severe electromagnetic imbalances.

About 80% of humanity will likely choose the 3D path. They will exit through death and be reincarnated on another planet more suitable for 3D entities.

4D scenario (the Hopi sun representing the fifth world)--About one-fifth (20%) of the population will likely create spiritually-based intentional communities in areas of the Earth not overly subject to natural disaster. These people will live in relative paradise, due to the dominance of positive, life-creating thoughts in their consciousness. They will harness alternative energy sources to power their communities.

5D scenario (the ascending stairway on the Hopi petroglyph)--About 10 to 30 million (<0.1%) of Earth’s souls will likely achieve ascension during this lifetime. They will enter into the 5D Earth, a world of indescribable beauty and harmony. From this vantage point, they will assist those in the 4D realities (and perhaps even those on other 3D worlds). A very tiny portion of the ascending group will go on into the celestial realms (6D - 8D), but most of them will have a desire to help raise the awareness of 3D and 4D civilizations and will therefore stay with the 5D Earth.*

Details Regarding Specific Years

According to well-placed sources, the present oil crisis and devaluing of stocks will lead to an economic collapse, likely around the year 2007 (sooner if the present administration in the USA is re-elected).

Based on numerous sources, including the Mayan calendar, something highly significant is expected to occur on December 20, 2012. My information suggests this is when Earth will enter the electromagnetic null zone. The EM null zone is a region of space whereby the magnetic polarities temporarily collapse, creating a zero-point vacuum in the time-space continuum. The outer effect of this shift would be a wave of tremendous incoming energy, sufficient to trigger mass ascension in souls who are ready to receive it. It could also trigger massive cataclysms in the 3D and 4D realms, including complete failure of telecommunications and computer systems.

I was given information and saw visions indicating that in 2017 the tail of a comet will brush Earth, instantly mutating all living cellular organisms. Those who are on the ascension spiral will be accelerated at light speed into the 5th dimension at that time. Those at lower vibrations will likely leave their bodies at that time and be transferred to another planetary school to continue their lessons.

Approximately every 3600 years, according to Zecharia Sitchin and others, a heavenly body (probably an asteroid) brushes the Earth and causes varying degrees of cataclysm (depending on its trajectory and effect on the EM fields of Earth). Our consciousness can greatly affect the severity of this brush-by, which I believe is scheduled to occur in 2030. Episodes of Wormwood, Planet X, Niburu, or whatever name you want to call it are described in elaborate detail in early civilizations. Apparently this asteroid (or planetoid, as it is at least half the size of Earth) also has a group of beings called the Nibiruans in the ninth density of the planetoid, some of whom influenced the early evolution of Earth. There is a debate as to why scientists have not yet discovered this incoming object. This could be due to suppression, but more than likely its relatively small size and unusual orbit would cause it to be mistaken for an ordinary asteroid until a few years before it enters Earth's orbit.

Choosing a Scenario

There is, of course, a choice. We can be part of the 80% of humanity that stays in 3D and goes down with the ship (reincarnating onto another 3D world). OR we can be part of the 20% that evolves into 4D and creates enlightened self-sufficient communities on the New Earth. OR we can be part of the <0.1% of humanity that evolves into 5D and becomes part of the Heavenly Earth (the Ascension).

The choice is ours!

Our only problem is: How attached to that old world are we? How much do we cherish that Hummer in the driveway (or SUV or whatever)? Do we believe our sustenance comes from God, or from Visa and MasterCard? Do we believe we need all this old-world stuff in order to protect the body? From what? I figure the worst that could happen is that we might lose these shells (our bodies). Actually, we can take them into the 5th dimension if we want. I say, bring on the changes!

The degree of our consciousness will determine whether or not we are wiped out by a natural event, because we draw experiences to us based on our consciousness. If enough of us wake up, the comet (or whatever) will have minimal effect on Earth. If we keep slumbering soundly and voting for neo-conservatives and greater “security”, we will likely be rudely awakened by a global event of some sort.

More Details on the Changes

I do believe we are in for a turbulent time in the years ahead, for the following reasons:

1. We are moving into what has been called an "electromagnetic null zone", or an area with decreased electromagnetic activity. Whether or not this causes a pole shift or some other shift remains to be seen.

2. We are nearing the end of consumer mentality because we are running out of easily extractable oil. This will force us to embrace higher technologies or go the way of the dinosaurs (in the 3D plane).

3. We are waking up to our multidimensional selves. This will bring all that is false to the surface to be released. This is already happening. Any social or political structures based on the old paradigm will swiftly fall away and be replaced by 4D structures.

4. When a comet's tail brushes the Earth, it sometimes causes mild disturbances, and sometimes total cataclysm (as with the dinosaurs). I know, scientists say it was an asteroid that killed the dinos, but I say it was the tail of a comet. (Not that there’s that much difference between a comet and an asteroid as far as the effects of a brush-by are concerned.)

5. The Planet X debate is a hot one these days. There are enough independent astronomers (not bought and paid for by the Illuminati) that are searching the heavens that I think by now we would have something definitive if a large body were approaching Earth. A small comet or asteroid could perhaps not be detected until a few years before impact or brush-by, but the large ones should already be visible. I think it’s likely that Planet X is a planetoid much smaller than Earth, but capable of doing significant damage.

6. I believe up to half of humanity could experience immune system failure as we approach the end of the Great Cycle and the energies get very intense. Many are subconsciously overwhelmed and unable to cope with the rising energies, and may choose to exit through immune system failure.

Whether or not the immune system is compromised by Illuminati experiments, soul fragmentation, unresolved emotions, pollution, etc., the answer is always the same. Realize that we are perfect creations of God, or to put it one step further, we ARE God expressing through individual body/mind complexes. Our awareness of God is directly proportional to our overall health.

I take all stories of doomsday with a grain of sea salt. They are reminders of the alternative to awakening, as if we need to be reminded.

More on Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

What is manifest in the 3D world is the composite projection of the thoughts of all 3D souls. Jung called this the “collective unconscious”. I will call it the “collective subconscious.”

The collective subconscious of all people with terror thoughts will create a reality based on terror. If we do not like the picture we see, we know what to do--change our thoughts. Others may still choose to create terror, but we will be largely unaffected by it if our consciousness does not buy into it.

There is talk of a pole shift. It’s true that the EM field changes polarity every so often, but many are saying the Earth could flip on its axis. In order for the earth to reverse its direction of rotation or turn upside down, this would require a tremendous change in momentum, greater than anything since the Big Bang probably. A polarity shift would have very little impact on the rate or method of the earth's rotation. Although Newton is a bit outdated, some of his laws are pretty important. His laws of motion dictate that in order for the Earth to physically reverse its poles, there would have to be some huge outside force acting upon the Earth. Therefore, if such a reversal were to take place, it would likely be the result of collision with a large asteroid or rogue planet.

A polarity shift means that the electromagnetic field around the Earth changes. If the North pole were positive and the South pole negative, for instance, then after the shift the North pole will be negative and the South pole positive. The Earth would continue rotating as before, but the field generated would flow in the opposite direction. Low pressure areas would spin clockwise in the northern hemisphere instead of counter-clockwise, for instance.

The most serious effect of a polarity shift would be on devices that utilize the electromagnetic field to operate. This would include such things as human bodies, electronics (including our beloved Internet) and the vortex and energy centers of Earth herself. This is not to say that the human body would not survive such a shift. It certainly could under the right conditions (ascension). As for the electronics, perhaps we should be a little less reliant on such for our well-being.

There would be great magnetic storms across the Earth due to the change in pressure zones. Cold areas could become warm, and vice versa. It is likely that most life forms would either move into a higher density or die off and reincarnate elsewhere.

Unless Earth is hit by a large asteroid, a polarity shift will likely occur in stages, giving us some preparation time. I think we can expect a major EM disturbance in our lifetime, but it would most likely cause only a polarity shift, not a physical reversal. Nevertheless, the effects could be drastic.

I've heard from a number of sources (so I'm sure it's not just wishful thinking) that there is a special planet being set up to receive the bloodthirsty warmongers who currently rule the Earth, where they can play their games of torture, deceit and revenge to their heart's content. I look forward to the day when that planet is no longer Earth.

*NOTE: It's a lot easier to help 3D and 4D from 5D than it is to help from 6D, 7D or 8D. Most 6D and higher entities have a difficult time communicating directly with Earth souls in a language they can understand. After all, how do you describe the vastness of higher dimensions, even if you have a great level of awareness? Some do in fact give assistance, by using teleportation and holographic projection, but most prefer to use telepathy and channeling. Finding a clear channel is not easy, with all the human distortions, but a few do manage to get through. See Angels and Archangels.

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